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Common Cat Behavioral Issues

Published on July 25th, 2017

While no cat is the same, there are similar behaviors amongst many cats. For the most part, cats are more standoffish and take a while to get comfortable around others compared to dogs. However, they are still great pets and can be alone for longer periods of time. Certain cat manners and habits can seem odd to a new cat owner, so it is important to know what common behaviors occur, and how to help with any behavioral issues. Remember to seek help from experienced Chicago vets if these problems do not subside.


Aggression in cats can range from maternal to petting-induced to redirected. It typically comes in the form of swatting, biting, fighting, growling, scratching, and more. For more information on specific types of aggression and how to prevent it, read this article. However, most cat owners see aggression when they bring home a new cat.

If you have only ever had one cat, and are considering getting another, know that it may take a while for the two cats to get along. When you bring your new cat home, make sure that you have two food bowls, two beds, enough perches and hiding spots, etc., so that they do not become territorial. Though they may not like each other initially, particularly your first cat due to the disruption in his or her routine, they will likely warm up to each other.

Litter Box Problems

While training a cat is easier than a dog when it comes to going to the bathroom, cats may still develop litter box problems, such as only using the litter box sparingly. This can develop for multiple reasons, including conflicts between multiple cats, a previous medical condition, the cat not liking where the litter box is placed, and more. Once you notice this problem, which would be immediately, work on fixing this before your cat develops a preference to a rug over a litter box. If this information does not help your cat with his or her litter box problem, contact Metro Vet and we can work with you.

Chicago Vets

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Courtesy of: ASPCA