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Preventive Care Services for Adult Cats and Dogs

Many people only go to the doctor when they aren’t feeling well; however, preventive health and wellness exams for your pets is an essential part of helping them live a healthy and happy life. Additionally, this type of care will help to reduce the lifetime cost of your pets’ care. At just a year of age, your dog or cat has likely received several vaccines and uses unique lifestyle and nutritional guidance plans. It is recommended by our vets to keep regular appointments for your pet during their adult life.

Why Are Pet Wellness Checkups So Important?

Our staff and veterinarians are dedicated to your pet’s health and well-being. We will provide your pet with the vaccines, deworming services, fecal checks, and lab work needed to ensure optimum health at every stage of life. We can also prescribe your pet year-round heartworm medication, as well as tick and flea preventives.

While we can help to find and prevent health risks for your pet, a wellness exam is also beneficial because it allows our vets to monitor the animal’s health and evaluate changes that occur over time. During this appointment, we will examine your pet’s oral cavity, ears, eyes, vision, teeth, lungs, and heart, as well as the skin, muscles, and joints.

Make Sure to Schedule a Wellness Exam for Your Pet

We are available 7am to 10pm for wellness appointments, as well as walk-ins. You can enjoy free parking, and we are found in Chicago’s South Loop. Our goal is to provide the best service of any veterinary hospital in Chicago. Call us today at (312) 583-1921.