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Preventative Care for Adult Dog/Cats

While some of us only visit the doctor when we are ill, preventative wellness exams for our pets are key for a healthy and monitored life, not to mention minimizing the lifetime cost of pet care. At one year of age, your pet has probably received a series vaccinations and a unique nutritional and lifestyle guidance plan. We recommend a regimen of routine wellness exams in your pet’s adult life too.

Importance of Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Our veterinarians will provide vaccinations, lab work, deworming and fecal checks for optimum health. We will also prescribe a year round heartworm medication and flea and tick preventatives as well as other medications if needed.

In addition to preventing future health risks, wellness exams are also beneficial because it allows our veterinarians to monitor your pet’s health and discuss any changes we see over time. We will examine the pet’s heart and lungs, teeth and oral cavity, vision, eyes, and ears. We will also assess joints, muscles, skin, and much more. We encourage pet owners to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with us.

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