Cold Weather Tips for Your Pet

Now that winter is upon us, particularly the Midwest winter, it is important to know how to keep your pet warm as well as yourself! Further than simply not leaving your cat or dog outside for any extended period of time, there are ways to keep them warm even on their walks or while at home when you are not home. Winter safety can sometimes be hard to remember, but it is rather easy to follow (and your pet will thank you!).

Inside Your Home

You may think that just because your pet is inside your home that he or she is warm and comfortable. However, a home can be drafty, and they can’t just put on a blanket or a sweater like you can. Provide a warm dog or cat bed for them, fit with a blanket. Just like humans, pets use energy to stay warm and can easily become dehydrated during colder months. Make sure that their water bowl is always full, and discuss with your vet if your pets will need more food during the colder months or not.

While Outside

For those with cats, don’t let them stay outside for a long period of time, if at all. For those with dogs, follow these tips while on walks or trips! If you have a shorthaired dog, find a sweater or coat they can wear while on walks; if you have a longhaired dog, avoid cutting his or her hair, as this is added protection for them! Additionally, do not take your dog outside for a walk right after a bath, as they can easily become sick if they are wet. If you and your dog are particularly active, do not let them off the leash if you are hiking, as they could lose their scent.

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Some pets absolutely love snow, and there’s nothing wrong with your dog enjoying the outdoor fun! Just remember to dry them off and always check their paws for any salt, rocks, etc.; you and your pet can fully enjoy winter, just make sure to follow these safety tips!

Courtesy of: Animal Foundation

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