Easter Baskets For Your Pet

Easter is right around the corner, and baskets aren’t just for your children! Pets can also enjoy a fun Easter basket, as long as you avoid certain toxic elements, such as chocolate. By finding fun and festive toys, some treats, and more, you can ensure that your pet can also enjoy the holiday. However, always pay attention to what they get into, because Easter often means chocolate, plastic eggs, and artificial grass, all of which can be harmful to your pet.

Start With A Basket

Fortunately, you can simply use a basket you already have in your home or find one at a dollar store. A fun alternative is to buy them a new water bowl if they are in need of one and use that as the base. You may be tempted to use the artificial grass used in your kids’ baskets, but refrain; this grass can be dangerous if your pet eats any of it. Green tissue paper will do the trick!

Treats and Goodies

As a pet owner, you know to avoid chocolate. However, there are options to ensure that your pet still gets their Easter treat! You can turn to lamb toys, a carob-dipped bunny, dog-friendly treats, and more. Always break treats into smaller pieces if necessary to avoid an upset stomach.

Aside from treats, find some fun things to add to their basket. If your dog is one that likes wearing costumes, you can find an Easter-themed costume, such as a bunny or even an egg! Find a new spring-colored leash and color, and top off the basket with plush or touch egg toys!

An Easter basket can be the perfect treat for your pet, as long as you choose the right items! If you have any questions about what your pet can eat, or need to schedule an annual vet appointment, contact Metro Vet today!

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