Halloween Costumes For Your Pet

Dressing up is one of the most fun aspects of Halloween! Looking for and finding the perfect costume is great, and when you are a pet owner, there are always many pet costumes at stores to choose from. While you may want to dress your pet up for Halloween, there are some basic guidelines to follow to keep your pet safe. Most importantly, remember that if your pet hates wearing clothes other than their collar, do not force them to wear a costume, as it can lead to stress and anxiety. For pets that love to dress up, enjoy finding the perfect costume and follow these tips!

Safety Hazards

When purchasing a pet costume at a store, they are likely going to consider safety hazards for pets. However, it is still good to always watch out for choking hazards, as well as if the costume will block their vision or hearing. Choking hazards are common in costumes, including buttons, yarn, and more. Costumes that have hats, bandanas, and more can cause your pet to have their senses dulled, which should never be the case. Additionally, any costume that would restrict their breathing is an automatic no.


Choose a costume that will not restrict your pets’ movement. It may be tempting to put them in an elaborate costume, but this can be detrimental. Find something made of a breathable fabric, and do not purchase something you think might be too small. If you do purchase a costume and try it on your dog or cat and it is difficult to put on, do not force it—simply find a new costume! Remember that they never need to wear the whole costume, sometimes just the cape or the top is what they like, and that is okay! Many costumes only need something small to get the point across, and it is always more important that your pet is comfortable.

Ultimately, Halloween is a fun time to dress up, and to dress up your pets! Assuming your pet loves to wear costumes, just make sure to watch out for safety hazards, and always pay attention to their comfort level. If they seem stressed or their body language has changed, take the costume off. Additionally, never leave your pet alone with a costume on, especially if they are not used to wearing one.

Have a great Halloween from all of us at Metro Vet!

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