Keep Your Pet Safe on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you want to ensure that the whole family has a great time, including your pets! Your animals are a part of your family, so it is important to keep them safe, and make sure they feel comfortable during all of the commotion. For pets that have anxiety or do not like large groups of people, consider getting a sitter for the day if you are hosting Thanksgiving. If you are not hosting, and you will just be gone for the day, you will just need to find a dog walker for the day. If they are good with crowds, they’ll love Thanksgiving; however, make sure to know what foods they can and cannot eat!

Foods For Your Pet

There are some foods that, in very small quantities, are good for your pet to eat during the holidays. When your family is enjoying a special meal, you can make a tiny feast for them. Get a couple of pet treats to feed them throughout the day, and get them a special bone. You can also add a few tiny pieces of turkey, green beans, and sweet potato to their regular dinner. Your pets’ Thanksgiving can also be great with a couple of treats and making sure they feel comfortable around company.

Foods To Avoid

In general, you should not feed your pets human food, especially in any amount of large quantities. Around Thanksgiving, some foods that you absolutely need to keep away from your pet includes any undercooked meat, raw yeast bread dough, desserts (particularly any batter), and obviously any alcohol. Foods like mashed potato and boneless, cooked turkey is alright, but no matter what, nothing should be in large amounts.

Overall, the best course of action is to just have some pet treats around and watch your pets for any changes in behavior depending on the size of the crowd that is visiting. For any questions, please reach out to Metro Vet!

Courtesy of: ASPCA

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