Veterinary Surgery

Just like with humans, pets sometimes must undergo surgery. Though your veterinarian will go over many things with you before the actual surgery, it is important to get all the answers you need prior to committing to a veterinary surgery. Below are questions that you will want to make sure get answered before your pet gets surgery!

The Diagnosis and Treatment

Clearly, you will want to learn as much about your pets’ actual diagnosis. From the exact name of the condition to the symptoms and causes, it is important to understand what your pet is experiencing. From the diagnosis, your vet needs to go through every treatment option your pet has. Sometimes, surgery is the best and obvious answer, but there may be a more conservative option. Make sure you discuss every available option with your veterinarian.

The Actual Surgery

Discussing the actual surgery with your vet is important, but it can be hard to know what to ask about when you are not a surgeon. Always ask about the potential complications and risks; no matter how minor, your vet must disclose what may happen to your pet. Most complications are smaller, such as bruising, discomfort, etc., but they are still important to know, along with the prognosis of the veterinary surgery. It is also good to discuss their past experience with the specific surgery; you want to make sure the veterinarian has completed this surgery with success in the past!

Post-Operation Knowledge

When your pet has veterinary surgery, you are likely most concerned with the actual surgery. However, it is also important to discuss what will happen after the operation. What medications your pet will need after to control pain, overnight care available at the animal hospital, and what your responsibilities will be after you take your pet home are all necessary topics of discussion.

Here at Metro Vet, we are able to provide an array of veterinary surgeries, and have medical boarding for when your pet needs to stay near a vet overnight. If your pet needs surgery, contact Metro Vet to learn more about what we can do for him or her!

Courtesy of: Pet Health Network

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