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THE Chicago Cat Friendly Vet PracticeCat Friendly Practice Chicago

Metropolitan Veterinary Center has been designated a “Cat Friendly Practice” by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. This designation is difficult to achieve, requiring we go above and beyond industry standards to take great care of cats! Both Dr. Jacobs and Dr. LaFave are members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Metropolitan Veterinary Center Commitment to our Feline Patients:

  • To provide you and your feline family members with comprehensive, compassionate, high quality feline specific medical and surgical care.  For example, we only use non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats and we follow a three year vaccine protocol.  We can also perform vaccine titers.  Click here for further information regarding our non-adjuvanted feline vaccines.
  • To continue to evolve to incorporate new veterinary knowledge and technology for the benefit of our patients.
  • To exceed our client expectations each and every time.
  • To strengthen the human-animal bond between you and your feline family members.

Cat Friendly Vet Practice ChicagoWe understand the importance of a healthy, trusting relationship between our hospital and our clients. Without this strong relationship, your expectations are not met and it is difficult to provide adequate health care to our patients. In an effort to strengthen our relationship with you, our valued client, we guarantee to provide you with an itemized Medical Plan at each visit. Our Medical Plans are tailored to each individual cat and outline the associated costs for each itemized treatment and service.

We guarantee to provide you with consistency and continuity of care. Our hospital strives to maintain consistency with our recommendations, service and health care to our clients and patients. We want you to have the same positive experience at each visit to our hospital.  We will not make you travel back and forth to 24 hour care facilities, then back to us.  We understand that car rides can be especially stressful to our feline patients.  We are a state of the art clinic prepared to treat our patients when needed, including overnight.

Cat Friendly Practice ChicagoWe guarantee to explain our recommendations to your satisfaction. We know that health care can be confusing, especially when your feline family member is unwell. Our goal is to explain our recommendations without too much medical terminology, why we recommend the specific treatments and services, and what you should expect as you follow through with our recommendations.

We hope that these guarantees will meet and exceed your expectations. Each of our clients has a different expectation from our hospital or veterinary medicine as a whole. We hope to not only develop a trusting relationship with you, but determine what your specific expectations are and tailor our Medical Plans to meet them.

As veterinary medicine continues to advance in knowledge and technology, it becomes imperative to offer the highest quality medicine to our patients and continue to stay on the cutting edge of feline internal and surgical medicine. At Metropolitan Veterinary Center, we are devoted to the health and well being of cats.