What Breed is My Cat?

Ask any dog owner, and they can tell you the exact breed their dog is, including if it is a mix. Most people can name a variety of dog breeds, including border collies, Labradors, corgis, and more; the list goes on. However, ask someone to name a cat breed and you may get a calico or Siamese here and there. Many cat owners do not know their own cat’s breed, unless the cat is purebred or pedigree, which means they will have the papers to prove this. Some adopted cats are purebred because they lost their papers, but we can assume that your cat is likely not purebred. Fortunately, just like dogs that are multiple breeds, you can figure out what breed your cat is mostly through appearance!

Identifying Appearance

By determining the correct terms for your cats’ appearance, you will have an easier time figuring out what breed your cat is. While our vets can help you with facial proportions and body shape, you can determine coat length, color, and pattern on your own. The first step is whether he or she has long or short hair, so you know if he or she fits under “Domestic Longhair” or “Domestic Shorthair”. Other appearance-based questions include the cat coat color, which can get as specific as “cream and blue tortoiseshell”, facial structure, eye shape, and more. Once you have these specifics down, you can likely look through breeds and narrow down your list.

Cat Breeds

As mentioned previously, many of us do not know a long list of cat breeds. Popular breeds include Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, Himalayan, Russian Blue, and more. Read through different cat breeds and their description, which will include short hair vs. long hair, body type, coat pattern, and more. At Metro Vet, we can discuss with you what breed your cat is, even if it is a mix. While it may be easier to tell with dogs, we can usually determine what breed or breeds your cat is.

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