Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Bringing a new pet into your home is always a big step, especially if you have never had a pet. Taking care of a pet is not just providing food and water; you need to provide love and a real home; additionally, you need to take into consideration if your lifestyle works with an animal. When you adopt, it may take your pet a little longer to adapt to a new home and a new owner; though this should not discourage you from adopting, you need to take every factor under consideration.

Adopting a Pet

You are making a years-long commitment when you adopt a pet, anywhere from ten to 20 years depending on breed, cat or dog, and age of your pet when you adopt them. Your life will change throughout those years, from new jobs to children and more, so make sure that you will always be able to take care of your pet! Once you know your lifestyle is a good match for a pet, adopting a cat or dog is an extremely rewarding experience. You are adding a new member of the family, one that will love you unconditionally. So how do you move forward with adopting a pet?

Finding the Right Addition

When you are adopting a pet, you need to spend time at the shelter meeting pets, as well as discussing with the shelter volunteers. They will know about each animal’s behavior, their needs, what breed(s) they are, and more. Your lifestyle can help determine what breeds you would do well with or would not do well with; for example, if you are in a smaller apartment, a greyhound will not be the right breed for you. The shelter staff will help you through this process, and give you tips on adopting pets when you have children in the house, if you live alone, how to care for any pet that is older, etc.

When you decide to adopt a pet, you are making a great decision. Many animals need to be adopted, and one less that is in a shelter is always great! One factor to take into consideration is that some pets at shelters have experienced trauma; if you have had many pets in your life, and are willing to take the time to help them, this is a wonderful thing. However, if you have never had a pet before, make sure the shelter knows this; they can help match you with a pet that will make an easier transition to your home.

Once your pet is settled in, remember to bring him or her into Metro Vet for their first check-up!

Courtesy of: ASPCA

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