Choosing a Dog Walker

Many people need to hire dog walkers, and when you need to hire one on a regular basis, it is important to find one or two you can count on. If you have never hired a dog walker before, it can be nerve-wracking; you are hiring someone to take care of a member of your family, and someone that will need to go into your home when you are gone. The important thing is that both you and your dog feel comfortable around your dog walker, so follow these tips to help you decide on the perfect walker!

Meet and Greet

If you go with a reputable dog walking business, or even if you find a “freelancer” online, you should be able to meet with the walker prior to choosing them. This is a way for you to get to meet them, and more importantly, for your dog to meet them. You are trusting this person with your dog and your home; make a list of questions to ask them regarding their experience, other dogs they walk, where they will go on the walk, and more. Let your dog meet them and have them bond; unless your dog is naturally shy, they should get along rather quickly. If you or your dog feels uneasy about the partnership, know that you can say no and continue your search.


Ideally, you will find a dog walker with at least a year of experience; however, if you find a dog walker you really like without a year of experience, go with them! How else will they get the experience? Make sure you discuss if they will be walking other dogs at the same time as yours and if you feel comfortable about this, what other breeds they walk/have walked, and how you will know they came and walked your dog when they said they would.

For more tips regarding finding a dog walker, feel free to discuss with our veterinarians at Metro Vet!

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