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Our Onsite Veterinary Laboratory

In order to properly perform preventive and emergency treatments, we need to be able to analyze your pet’s body functions as quickly as possible. For instance, is your pet suffering from parasites? Are the liver and kidneys effectively removing waste? Does your pet have a problem with clotting?Veterinary Laboratory Chicago

At MetroVet, we have an onsite laboratory so we can routinely test your pet during their scheduled wellness exams or during visits to explore a health issue. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory can perform parasite identification, complete blood count, electrolytes testing, urinalysis, fungal cultures and blood chemistry testing. We can also perform more advanced tests, such as thyroid levels, phenobarb levels, cortisol, and bile acids. Most results are available in less than an hour.

In addition, we perform routine testing before your pet undergoes elective procedures that involve anesthesia, including neuters, spays, and dental procedures. This is only a precautionary measure to make sure your pet is healthy.