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Pet Vaccinations & MicrochippingVaccinations

Having your pets vaccinated is of the utmost importance in preventing serious diseases. The key to using dog and cat vaccines properly is to figure out what diseases a pet may be at risk for developing. We use a balanced approach to pet vaccines and avoid giving your beloved animal any treatment they don’t really need.

We offer vaccines for young dogs, including the DA2PP, Rabies, Leptospirosis and Bordetella. For our feline friends, we offer Rabies, FeLV and FVRCE vaccines. We can explain to you why and when these vaccines should be given and what you should seek when your pet gets older.

Microchipping Your Pet

What happens if your pet wanders off? You can’t always rely on the tag on their collar because these can become worn or lost as well. It is estimated more than 10 million pets are lost annually and about 90 percent of these are never returned to their owner. The ones who do make it back home usually have some type of permanent identification. Getting lost is the number one cause of pet death.

At Metropolitan Veterinary Center, we use international microchips as the standard of care for all of our dog and cat patients. When you invest in a microchip, you can feel confident your pet can be quickly and easily identified by veterinary hospitals, shelters, and animal control officers. Pet microchips are permanent, unalterable and safe pet identification.

When you use the services of our Chicago clinic, we will provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide worldwide coverage for finding your lost pet, ensuring you can find them, regardless of where they may wind up. Our pet microchips can be read by any International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliant scanner in the world.

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