Gifts to Avoid for Your Pet

The holidays are officially here! While you want to include your pet in the festivities, some parts of the holidays that are fun for you can be harmful to your pets. For the most part, your pet can enjoy presents, time with family, pet treats, and more; however, it is important that, as a pet owner, you know what to avoid. In addition to items like chocolate, tinsel, and harmful toys, know what your cat or dog can handle. If he or she hates being around big groups of people and you are hosting a holiday gathering, find a cat or dog sitter for the night! Here are some other tips regarding what to give your pet during the holiday season:


Even the most well-trained dog may beg a bit during the holidays. While it is tempting to give in, your pet should only be eating the food for them. Foods like turkey and chicken bones, any fatty leftovers, or foods with garlic or onions in them can be toxic for your pet. It may go without saying, but absolutely no chocolate, no matter how cute the puppy dog eyes are. If you have any questions on dog or cat treats during the holidays, reach out to Metro Vet!


Your pet is a member of your family, so of course you will get them (at least!) one present! However, make sure you look at any toys you purchase them; even toys that are meant for pets can be dangerous. Avoid toys with string, ribbon, or yarn for any kittens or dogs, and take off any glued-on eyes or noses for both cats and kittens. For dogs, stay away from too-small balls or toys that have a bead or bean stuffing. Additionally, if you are getting your pet a holiday costume, only get them something that is comfortable and don’t ever make them wear it if they hate it.

Here at Metro Vet, we want to ensure that your pet loves the holidays as much as you do! With harmless treats and safe toys, they can enjoy the family time and you won’t worry about their safety!

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