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Veterinary Ultrasound ~ Taking a closer look at your pet.

A veterinary ultrasound provides a gentle and non-surgical way to examine your pet’s internal organs.

Ultrasounds, also known as ultrasonography, can often be supported with radiology techniques x-rays  to help diagnose and further treat your pet’s health conditions. The procedure involves ultrasound equipment that directs high frequency sound waves into the area of importance. These sound waves are reflected as echoes and then converted into an image on a monitor. This is the same technology used in human ultrasound examinations. An ultrasound is most commonly known for pregnancy diagnosis; however, the technique is extremely useful for examining and diagnosing cysts and tumors, detecting heart conditions, and evaluating internal organs.

Why your veterinarian may request an ultrasound exam:

  • Pregnancy screenings
  • Detect fluid
  • Displaced organs
  • Assess health of internal organs
  • Identify lesions
  • Surgical aid
  • Cancer staging
  • Chronic infections
  • Abnormal blood work
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Biopsy aid

An Invaluable Diagnostic Tool 

An ultrasound is a powerful imaging tool with no known harmful effects to your pet. The procedure is rather quick and limits stress to your pet. If a pet is extremely nervous or frightened, a sedative may be used during the procedure. Another benefit to an ultrasound is the ability to report information in real time. Our specially trained veterinarians will review and interpret the imagery to give your pet the best quality healthcare for further well-being.

At Metropolitan Veterinary Center, we believe in using the highest quality veterinary tools available to care for our pet patients. Ultrasound is just one of the many resources.

Please contact our office for further information or to schedule an appointment: (312) 583-1921

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