Pet Registration Information

Dog Registration Information for the City of Chicago Residents

Do you know why you should register your dog with the city of Chicago?

  • According to Municipal Code 7-12-140, it is the law. All dogs over the age of four months have to be registered with the city.
  • If a pet becomes lost, this registration will help the city find its owner. The person who locates the lost pet can simply call 312-744-DOGS and provide the registration number printed on your dog’s tag.
  • If you want your dog to stay at a daycare or boarding facility, it must be registered.
  • Registering your dog fulfills the prerequisite for you and your pet to enter the dog-friendly locations in the Chicago Park District.

Dog Registration Requirements

To register your dog, it must have a current rabies vaccination, which can be acquired at MetroVet.

Licensing Terms and Expiration Information

The registration you acquire for your dog will expire on the expiration date (one to three years after the original purchase) or when the dog’s current rabies vaccination expires, whichever comes first.

How Much Do Dog Licenses Cost?

The cost of dog licenses are as follows:

  • Spayed female or neutered male (sterilized dog): $5.00
  • Unsterilized dog: $50.00
  • An unsterilized dog owned by a person over the age of 65: $5.00
  • Replacement Licenses: Half of the original fee with a maximum charge of $20.00

The unsterilized dog costs are higher because each year there are thousands of dogs euthanized or that live as strays because of unplanned or unwanted litters that could have been otherwise prevented with neutering or spaying.

Just a single unsprayed female, along with her offspring, can produce more than 67,000 puppies in a period of just six years. Additionally, dogs that are sterilized are healthier and suffer fewer medical issues. Neutering or spaying a dog can also make it less likely to fight with other animals or run away.

How to Register Your Pet

You will first have to get the information about your pet’s rabies vaccination and complete the application and proof of sterilization, if needed. The applications for registering a pet can be acquired at any City Clerk office or online at Pet owners can also call 312-744-DOGS to receive an application in the mail.

When paying the fee, make your check payable to City Clerk and refer to the chart above to determine the cost. If you are ordering the registration by mail, we don’t advise sending a cash payment. Be sure to print your phone number on the check or money order or you can register online, as mentioned above.