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Spaying and Neuterings

Chicago Cat and Dog Neutering and Spaying Procedures

Did you know that we have performed over 6,000 spays and neuters?

That’s a pretty remarkable feat! We are proud of the experience and expertise we bring to these procedures.

How are we different from cheaper options?

Other than our experience, there are numerous ways! When you are calling to price compare, it is VERY important to know what pricing does and does not include. We have adjusted our pricing to make it affordable for you while providing the best care for your pet.

At Metro Vet:

  • Every patient has a personalized anesthetic plan based on breed, age, sex, size and physical exam findings such as a heart murmur. We also understand the special needs of bulldogs and sighthounds such as greyhounds.
  • Every patient has a dedicated anesthetic technician to monitor them during the entire procedure.
  • Each patient has pre-anesthetic blood work, an IV catheter, IV fluids and a new sterile endotracheal tube that secures a patent airway. We never reuse our endotracheal tubes between patients.
  • We treat each spay/neuter as a sterile procedure. This means, we use new sterile gloves, a new sterile gown and sterile instruments. We use a cutting edge pre-surgical sterile scrub/prep for our patients. Every spay/neuter is performed in our surgical suite and there is only one pet procedure at a time. Period.
  • After the surgery your pet will have a warming blanket, pain medication and an assistant to be with them as they recover from anesthesia.
  • We offer breed specific preventative plans for stenotic nares, prevention for bloat etc. These are things that should be discussed for some pets during a spay/neuter procedure and often aren’t discussed or offered at lower cost options.


You may want to consider a gastropexy procedure during your dog’s spay or neuter to prevent dog bloat, an extremely painful and potentially fatal condition that can effect certain breeds of dogs.

We go above and beyond to make sure these procedures are as safe as possible. Please  Call Us: (312) 583-1921 for further information.

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