A Full-Service Chicago Pet Pharmacy

Metropolitan Veterinary Center is proud to announce that we provide a full-service pet pharmacy. We offer a variety of pet care products you need to maintain your pet’s health whether it’s a one-time prescription for an illness or a special diet for an ongoing pet health condition. Did we mention that each of our pet medications is manufacturer guaranteed?

Pet Products

From medicated pet shampoos to prescription diets, our pharmacy carries a wide range of the best veterinary medications available at the best prices. We aim to provide a complete range of flea, tick, and heartworm brands in addition to a full stock of dental care products such as toothpaste and dental chews.

We understand that administering pet medicine can be difficult especially if your pet does not swallow a bill easily. That is why we can provide specific medications that come in alternate formats like liquids or transdermals that may be rubbed on the ear. We also have pill pockets which aid in swallowing a pill.

Pharmacy Details

Hours: Monday-Saturday 7:00am – 8:00pm
Refills: If you are in need of a refill, we require 24 notice for approval and fulfillment. Simply email us at [email protected] or  Call Us: (312) 583-1921.  

Shop Online Pharmacy now

Please keep in mind that we provide pharmacy services for our pet patients only and require a valid veterinary-client-patient-relationship to ensure the protection of your pet’s health. We look forward to working with you!