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Cat Grooming

We all know that cats can sometimes want to avoid grooming, especially certain types of cats. Rather than putting off this chore until you and your cat are willing, leave some grooming to be done by professionals. Oftentimes, pet owners avoid paying for grooming, but in turn avoid actually...

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Feline High-Rise Syndrome

Do you open your windows in the summer to let some fresh air in your home? It may bring some comfort inside, but it can also be dangerous to cats if your windows do not have screens. If you think that the chance of your cat falling out a window is slim to none, consider this: this happens so...

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Make Your Home Safe for a New Pet Cat

Cats are curious creatures; they like to venture into hidden areas of your home and explore. Before you bring your new kitty home, make sure your home will be a safe environment for him or her to play in....

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Grooming Your Cat

Some cat owners don’t think they need to groom their feline friend, since many cats do this on their own. However, there are some things your kitty can’t do for herself. She may be not so pleased at first, but if you make the following part of the routine, your cat will be looking and...

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