Winter Safety Tips for Your Pet

Everyone knows how bitterly cold the Midwest winter can be, for both you and your pets. However, you are able to bundle up with boots, gloves, scarves, and a coat, but your pet cannot. Exposure to the elements, along with other winter dangers, can cause your pet to experience extreme discomfort and potentially ingest toxins accidentally. Follow the below tips to keep your pet safe this winter!

Your Home

During the winter, your pet will spend most of his or her time in the comfort of your home. It is up to you to make sure that it is at a normal temperature and that they have blankets to curl up into if necessary. Since they will have to come in and out of the home multiple times a day, their skin can become itchy or flaky, so invest in a humidifier so your home is not too dry. Keep in mind that while you may not be home during the day, your pet will be, so the thermostat should still be at a warm temperature.

Their Paws

One of the biggest discomforts your pet will experience in the winter is snow and salt getting in their paws. If they will wear pet booties outside, definitely make sure they have them. However, many dogs will not want to wear these, so always check their paws for snow, ice, salt, or any other ice-melting chemical agents. These chemicals can be toxic, so remove them from their paws immediately after their walk. Once you have washed their paws, always towel-dry them right away.

Winter Elements

If your dog has long hair, do not shave their hair down; instead, simply trim their hair. For dogs that have short hair, look for a coat or sweater that they will tolerate wearing during the winter so that they have protection on walks. On days that are extremely cold, especially with the wind chill, keep your pets inside. If it is too cold for you, it is likely too cold for them! Additionally, just like in the summer, do not leave your pets in the car alone, as they can freeze to death.

Winter safety for your pets is just as important as winter safety for you and your children. As long as your pet is warm and has clean paws, they will be able to survive the Midwest winter! Contact Metro Vet for additional tips or to schedule a veterinary appointment today!

Courtesy of: ASPCA

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